Joe Scarborough Calls Out Trump’s ‘BS’ Coronavirus Response Claims: ‘Why Do We Still Not Have Tests?’


Joe Scarborough hammered the Trump administration for the “BS” it has pushed about whether they’ve provided enough medical supplies and testing to combat the coronavirus.

Morning Joe used their Thursday to talk about President Donald Trump’s claim that he always took the virus seriously, even though that hardly seems true looking back through the last few weeks.

As this discussion broadened to the shortage of tests and the pandemic’s impact on the economy, Scarborough said the economy’s grinding halt was “the only responsible thing we can do because we have failed so miserably, our government has failed so miserably in having these tests provided.”

“Instead of knowing what cities are infected or who to isolate, we have to isolate 300 million people or risk 2 million deaths, all because we still don’t have the tests,” Scarborough said. “We were guaranteed ‘if you want a test, you can have a test.’ Yet, Mike DeWine from Ohio is now saying, No, citizens of Ohio. We have no tests for you. You’re out of luck. The only people that can have tests are health care workers and those already infected.”

Mika Brzezinski hopped in at one point to say that if Trump knew the crisis was coming as he claims, “it’s almost worse when you look at it that way.”

“That’s just malpractice,” she said. “You know something like this is coming, and you do nothing. That’s what he’s telling the American people. He did nothing from the get-go.”

This prompted Scarborough to note the reports of Jared Kushner’s “shadow” coronavirus task force, all while asking “who is in charge at the White House?”

“Why do we still not have tests? We keep getting promised a million tests here, a million tests there. Yesterday, we heard reports from a health official that we don’t have a lot of the supplies that are needed to apply the tests. Who is in charge? I’ll guaren-damn-tee you, I can give you 10 businesspeople that could be in charge of this and would say, literally, get me a test in a week, go. Even if it were a little longer than a week, they would be on war footing, like FDR. He basically sent Detroit to war, and Detroit helped win the war. What’s happening in this White House? Why are we still hearing this BS about ventilators when it’s just BS? Why are we hearing BS about testing around the corner, when it is proving to be BS? When is someone going to finally be in charge?”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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