Watch Insane Supercut Of Trump Spending WEEKS Dismissing Coronavirus Pandemic He Now Says He Always Took Seriously


President Donald Trump has recently been touting calm amidst fear and increasing panic from the American people about the spreading coronavirus pandemic, and on Tuesday went so far as to claim he has been taking the crisis seriously before anyone else did.

A new video released Monday pieces together a concise picture of Trump repeatedly quashing worries and billing the coronavirus as no big deal.

Dating back from January 22nd till March 16th, Trump can be seen dispelling the warnings from experts and the severity of COVID-19.

As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases inexorably increases – so does Trump’s confidence, giving himself Monday at a press conference a 10/10 grade on his coronavirus response.

The supercut video, released by The Bulwarks’ senior video editor Barry Rubin, pairs Trump’s dismissive statements with real-time casualty statistics to chilling effect, and badly cotradicts Trump’s claim he’s always taken the coronavirus seriously.

Watch above, via Youtube.

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