Shepard Smith Calls Out Acosta Defense of Epstein Deal: When He Did Go to Jail, ‘It Was Part-Time’


Fox News’ Shepard Smith fact-checked Labor Secretary Alex Acosta’s defense of his plea deal with Jeffrey Epstein.

Smith played a clip of Acosta defending the prosecution’s goals of “putting Epstein behind bars.”

“Epstein did not stay behind bars for very long,” Smith said. “The deal that Acosta worked out, The Miami Herald called ‘the deal of a lifetime.’ It allowed Jeffrey Epstein to plead to solicitation of prostitution and served just 13 months after an 18-month agreement instead of potentially spending the rest of his life behind bars. When Epstein did go to jail, it was part-time, six days a week Epstein was allowed out of jail to go to work, 12 hours a day.”

“Acosta said today it was not when he bargained for and that’s not what he expected,” Smith continued. “But it is what happened.”

Smith also noted that Epstein’s victims were not given input on the agreement, and “prosecutors did not even notify them of the plea agreement.”

Smith then spoke with criminal defense attorney Katie Cherkasky, who said Acosta made a good case for himself in the press conference.

Smith then broke down what he thought of that defense.

“It makes sense that after multiple people came forward who said they were children at the time, said they were sexually abused by him, they cut a deal without telling those alleged victims, the alleged victims never got their say in court, and the man who pleaded guilty to solicitation of prostitution spent half a day in jail every day for 13 months. That’s appropriate?”

Cherkasky said, “I’m talking generally about how these cases are handled.”

Smith said, “Well, that should make all victims across the world want to come forward if this is what happens.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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