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Shep Smith on ‘Calm Before the Storm’ Remark: ‘It’s Not Exactly a Calming, Comforting Thing’

Shep Smith Has Fun With MSNBC’s Eclipse Coverage: ‘Dark and Vacant’

Shep Smith Had the Best Time Ever Covering the Solar Eclipse: ‘Oh My God!’

Shep Smith Throws Shade at Trump Over Pershing Tweet: ‘There’s The Presidential Input of the Day’

‘Shep, It Appears To Be a Very Large Chicken’: Fox News Report on White House Protest Gets Wacky

Shep Smith Says Trump ‘Misrepresented the Truth’ About Australian PM Call: ‘The Media Did Not Lie’

Shep Smith: If Don Jr. Meeting Was No Big Deal, ‘Why All These Lies?’

Watch Shep Smith Brutally Mock White House Audio-Only Press Briefing Policy

Shep Smith: It’s Good for Us That Trump Watches Fox, ‘But Come On’

Shep Smith: Not Really Transparency When You’re Doing It to Beat ‘Document Dump’

Fox News’ Shep Smith Defends CNN’s Handling of Russia Report Retraction: ‘Journalism 101’

‘He Was My Champion’: Watch Shepard Smith’s Emotional Eulogy For ‘Complicated’ Roger Ailes

‘It’s Got to Go’: Shepard Smith Calls for Mississippi to Remove Confederate Emblem From State Flag

Shepard Smith Talks About Coming Out: Critics Said I Was ‘Going to Hell for It’

Shep Smith: White House Is ‘Giving the Appearance’ of a Cover-Up When It Comes to Flynn

Shep Smith Goes Off on White House Over Flynn News: ‘There’s Been a Lot of Lying’

‘No Sir. We Are Not Fools For Asking The Questions’: Shepard Smith Passionately Defends CNN Rival Acosta Over Trump Attacks

Shep Smith to Democratic Sen.: Is There ‘Hard Proof’ Trump Aides Had Illegal Contact with Russia?

Shepard Smith: The Democratic Party ‘is in Tatters’

Shep Smith Defends Roger Ailes Against Charges of Homophobia

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