The View Blasts College Admissions Scandal: How ‘Mediocre’ Must You Be to Game a System That Advantages You Anyway?

The View hosts today slammed parents who were recently convicted of bribing college administrators to get their kids into college, pointing out it looks awful on the children that they couldn’t get into a single decent college without being pushed in by their parents.

“Look, I was shocked to learn that I could have gone — if my parents had enough money, I could have gone through school pretending I was a gymnast,” said Ana Navarro, who earned her law from the St. Thomas School of Law in 1997.

Navarro said she was angry that rich white parents are complaining about being discriminated by affirmative action while discriminating against black and brown kids by scamming the system. Sunny Hostin added it was crazy that some rich white kids could be so intellectually unfit for higher education, that they have to bribe administrators to get into a system that was favoring them over other kids in the first place.

“How mediocre must you be if you have a to game a system that disproportionately advantages you anyway. I mean… You must really be mediocre if you have to game that system because you’ve got all the advantages of that system anyway,” said Hostin.

Hostin brought up the report that the family of President Donald Trump‘s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, allegedly paid $2.5 million to get him accepted into Harvard. She added that rich kids’ parents game the system in other ways, such as donating a library or a building to a university, paying for people to take their children’s exams or write their children’s personal statements, and paying for their children’s tutors. She said she felt it was unfair that those kids had an advantage over kids such as hers.

Joy Behar pointed out that those kids may have gotten into college, but her kids will graduate because they put the effort in.

You can watch above, via ABC.

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