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Ana Navarro, Bakari Sellers Battle Steve Cortes For Saying Trump Isn’t Racist: ‘Lay Off The Kool-Aid!’

EXCLUSIVE: Abby Huntsman Leaving Fox News for The View

Ana Navarro on Trump Mocking African Americans’ IQ : If You Don’t Think This is Racist, Get Your Vision Checked

Meghan McCain and Ana Navarro Clash Over CNN: ‘You Just Came For CNN Knowing I’m a CNN-er’

The View Grills Michael Avenatti Over His Constant TV Presence: ‘When Do You Have Time to Be Lawyering?’

Chris Cuomo Lights Up a Trump Surrogate For Making Up Crazy Stats: ‘Why Don’t You Say A Jigagillion Percent?’

Ana Navarro Calls Out Steve Cortes in Heated CNN Clash: ‘Stop Playing Dumb on National TV’

Ana Navarro Slams Melania Trump for Her ‘Staged Photo Ops’ While Migrant Kids are ‘Wailing for Their Mommy’

Ana Navarro on Sarah Sanders Restaurant Flap: There’s a ‘Cost to Being an Accomplice’ to ‘Cruel’ Trump WH

WATCH: CNN Panel Tears Into Rick Santorum After He Tells Immigration Backers ‘Give Out Your Addresses’

Roger Stone Stands by His Nasty Attacks on CNN’s Ana Navarro: She’s a ‘Vile’ Person

Ana Navarro Praises Michelle Wolf’s WHCD Set: Give Her ‘The Nobel Peace Prize’

WATCH: Laura Ingraham Slams Ana Navarro For Calling Her Out Over Kanye West Support

Don Lemon, Former Trump Adviser Go At It Over FBI’s Cohen Raid: ‘This Is a Sham Investigation!’

Ana Navarro Rips Trump-Putin Call: GOP Used to Be Against ‘Cozying Up to Dictators’

The View Hits Trump For ‘Shocking’ Silence on Stormy Daniels: ‘He’s Very Quiet All of a Sudden’

Ana Navarro Hits Oscars for Not Being Political Enough: ‘I Wanted More Trump Jokes’

Ken Cuccinelli Tells Ana Navarro: ‘I’m Sick and Tired of Listening to Your Shrill Voice’

Ana Navarro: Trump WH Keeps Demonizing Immigrants, Except for the Ones ‘That Married Donald Trump’

CNN’s John Berman Pummels Matt Schlapp Over Nunes Memo: ‘Where is Your Proof?!’

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