Trump Dishes on His Phone Chat Congratulating Putin on Election Win: ‘We Had a Very Good Call’

Bosom buddies Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump had a rip-roaring time on the horn when Trump congratulated the Russian president for winning the “election.” This is according to… Donald Trump.

After answering questions about the bombings in Austin during a joint press conference with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the White House, a reporter asked an inaudible question, to which Trump responded: “I had a call with president Putin and congratulated him on his election victory.”

“The call had to do also with the fact that we will probably get together in the not-too-distant future so that we can discuss the arms race,” Trump continued. “As you know, he made a statement that being in an arms race is not a great thing … and we are spending $700 billion this year on our military, and a lot of it is that we are going to remain stronger than any other nation in the world by far.”

“We had a very good call and I suspect that we’ll probably be … seeing President Putin in the not-too-distant future.”

Trump also cryptically discussed the Iran deal.

“You’re going to see what I do, but Iran has not been treating that part of the world or the world itself appropriately. A lot of bad things are happening in Iran. The deal is coming up in one month and you will see what happens, okay?”

Watch above, via CNN.

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