Trump’s Latino Superfan Baffles CNN’s Baldwin: He Is ‘My Perfect Man’

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In his ongoing quest to prove that Latinos do, in fact, “love” him, Donald Trump brought a Hispanic woman named Myriam Witcher up on stage at his Las Vegas rally Thursday night who could not love him more.

“Yes, Mr. Trump! We love you! We love you, all the way to the White House!” she exclaimed, her hands held high in the air.


On Friday, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin tried to get to the bottom of how this woman could possibly feel the way she does about Trump.

“Oh my God, he is coming — he is our man sent from heaven. He is a very, very beautiful human being, beautiful heart, a lot of love and compassion,” Witcher gushed, citing Trump’s charity work and books on business as the origins of her support for the GOP frontrunner.

Watch video below, via CNN:


Asked if she had ever met Trump before she appeared on stage with him last night, Witcher replied, “Only in my dreams.” She said it was the “law of attraction” that brought them together, but then clarified that it was actually messages she wrote on Facebook about being an enthusiastic Latino supporter that caused Trump’s campaign to contact her. “I guess from the campaign, I guess,” she said when Baldwin asked if that is how she ended up on stage with the candidate, despite the fact that Trump denied any “setup” beforehand.

Witcher then reversed her story moments later, saying “nobody” from the campaign spoke to her. “I just only talked to God and my computer and in my heart and that’s it,” she said.

As for Trump’s comments about Mexican “rapists,” Witcher said, “It doesn’t bother me at all.” She called Trump “100% right” and “my perfect man,” adding, “everything he says is absolutely right.”

All Brooke Baldwin could do in the end was smile and nod and thank her guest for speaking from her heart. “Donald Trump should be so lucky to have someone like you in his camp,” she concluded.

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