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Brooke Baldwin Tears Into Trump’s Attempted Russia Clean-Up: How Gullible Does He Think Americans Are?!

CNN’s Don Lemon: Michael Cohen’s Friends View Him as ‘John Dean’ Figure

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Calls Out Trump for Praising Putin, Then Attacking McCain and George H.W. Bush

CNN Panel Slams Trump’s Swipe at #MeToo: Of Course He’s ‘Dismissive,’ It Could Still Bring Him Down

Former Ohio State Wrestler Responds to Jim Jordan’s Claim He’s ‘Bullying’ Congressman: ‘Somewhat Laughable’

Jeffrey Toobin: If Some People Don’t Like How We Cover Trump, ‘Too Bad’

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin: Trump Officials Literally Congratulating Him for ‘Caving On His Own Policy’

Baltimore Sun Critic Skewers Fox News as Trump’s ‘Propaganda Puppets’: Like We’re in ‘Communist Country’

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Totally Shuts Down Trump Surrogate in Wild Russia Debate: ‘Stop Talking. Please.’

CNN’s Brian Stelter: Joy Reid Still Has ‘Credibility Issue’ Over Blog Hacking Claim

Rosie Perez Makes a Stirring Plea For Aid to Puerto Rico: ‘We Need to Wake Up, America!’

CNN’s Baldwin Rips Sam Bee in Fiery Monologue: Conservatives Right to Claim ‘Double Standard’

CNN’s Paris Dennard Calls Chelsea Clinton ‘Rude’ For Encouraging Anti-Trump Protests in the UK

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Presses Ex-Obama Official: Didn’t Trump’s Letter Bring NoKo Back to the Table?

CNN Interview With the 30-Year-Old ‘Millennial’ Evicted from Parents’ House is a Cringeworthy Train Wreck

CNN’s Baldwin and Rick Wilson Pummel Ex-Trump Aide For Denying Stormy Affair: ‘Don’t Embarrass Yourself’

Dan Abrams on Parkland Students Becoming ‘Advocates’: ‘These Kids Better Saddle Up’

Parkland Student Kyle Kashuv Claims CNN Canceled Interview Over ‘Fake News’ Retweet: ‘They’re Complicit’

Stormy Daniels’ Pal Confirms Physical Threats Have Been Made: ‘She’s In Fear For Her Life’

CNN Panel on Stormy Daniels Goes Off the Rails: ‘If You’re Okay With Him Screwing Porn Stars,’ Say It!

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