Tucker Carlson Goes After Media Matters Chief Over His Own Scandalous Comments


On Wednesday night, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson tore into MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and Media Matters president Angelo Carusone. It all happened in what he dubbed on Twitter “Part 2 of our investigation into Media Matters.”

Ripping into Hayes, Carlson said this: “Chris Hayes is an anchor on MSNBC, the one with the glasses. Hayes’ political views aren’t very interesting. Cringing hipster sensitivity burnished with low-grade academic buzzwords… But Hayes always seemed like a decent guy, personally. He didn’t seem like a hater. It was hard to imagine him promoting open racism or anti-Semitism or at least it was hard to imagine until the other night when Hayes invited a man called [MMFA President] Angelo Carusone on his show.”

Then turning to Carusone he called him an “enthusiastic bigot” and accused him of maintaining a “racist blog.”

Carlson then gave examples of how in his blog Carusone “described how a male coach at a high school had abused female players” and was not “horrified.”

Carlson also described how Carusone questioned how a Bangladeshi had thousands of dollars worth of stuff and quipped about a Jewish man’s “possession of several bags of Jewish gold.”

Carlson’s wrath against Media Matters follows the site’s decision to publish a series of clips of misogynistic and racist remarks that Carlson made while calling into the Bubba the Love Sponge Show from 2006 to 2011.

Today’s screed — which came at the end of his show — is also part 2 of a fiery monologue on Tuesday where Carlson declared Media Matters tries to “punish critics of the Democratic party.”

During Part 1, Carlson also called CNN’s Brian Stelter a “eunuch.”

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