Tucker Carlson Tears Downs Lindsey Graham For Empty Promises to Republican Voters


Fox News host Tucker Carlson called out Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Wednesday, for making empty promises to conservative voters on cable television and then not following through.

Carlson specifically focused on Graham’s declaration that he’d investigate how CNN knew to be at former President Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone’s house during the raid on his home in January, which was broadcast live by the network.

“At the beginning of this year, long-time Donald Trump advisor Roger Stone was dragged from his home at dawn by dozens of federal agents with automatic weapons for the thoroughly nonviolent crime of lying to Congress,” declared Carlson. “In order to increase Stone’s humiliation, the military-style arrest was broadcast live on CNN. The question is, how did CNN know to be in Stones’ neighborhood when the feds showed up? Well, the same way anyone in media knows anything. They were tipped off by an interested party.”

“Of course CNN being CNN, they shamelessly lied about it. Jeff Zucker’s faithful marionette went on television to pretend that the network just somehow knew to send a camera crew to a particular residential development in Fort Lauderdale at 4:00 a.m. on January 25th. Reporter’s instinct, he explained, with an entirely straight face,” Carlson continued. “Please. Federal prosecutors abused their power in the most grotesque way for political reasons and CNN eagerly helped them do it. That’s what actually happened. Conservatives were justly outraged.”

Carlson’s claim that CNN “shamelessly lied” about being tipped off is an unproven claim that CNN has vigorously pushed back on.

Taking aim at Graham, Carlson proclaimed, “As he often does, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina claimed to be the champion of outraged conservatives. Graham fired off a letter to the director of the FBI demanding to know who had tipped off CNN to the Stone raid. Graham then bragged about that letter in a press release, as well as on Twitter. Then came on this channel to brag about it some more.”

After showing a clip of Graham on Tucker Carlson Tonight saying, “They better answer my letter. If I were them I would,” Carlson responded, “Ooh… Sounds pretty tough. So whatever happened to all that?”

“Well as it turns out, nothing. We called Graham’s office to follow up, which we in the press rarely do, and the staff explained to us that Graham met in person with the FBI’s deputy director, who told Graham that he ‘did not think it was an FBI agent who tipped off CNN to the stone raid.’ Did you catch that? The FBI wasn’t sure, but ‘didn’t think’ they did it,” the Fox News host remarked. “The FBI had nothing at all to say about DOJ or the special counsel’s office, both of whom Graham had asked about in his letter. Apparently the FBI just ignored that part of the question. They never even responded. Nine months later, Lindsey Graham does not appear to have done anything to press the FBI further or to get to the bottom of the mystery.”

“In fact, his staff seemed annoyed to be asked about it, as if promises made on cable news weren’t meant to be taken seriously. They’re just theatrical events staged for the benefit of voters at home. Conservative noises designed to help with the next Republican primary back in South Carolina,” Carlson concluded. “No one in Washington expects you to do anything real once you get off the air. They know the deal, it’s just a performance for the dummies back at home. Pretty cynical. But then, a lot of United States senators are pretty cynical, even the Republicans. Unfortunately for them, their voters are starting to figure it out.”

After Carlson’s show ended, Graham appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Hannity, where he demanded that the State Department release documents on a phone call between former Vice President Joe Biden and the President of Ukraine– a demand which, after Carlson’s segment prior to the appearance, could now be viewed by conservatives as just another empty gesture.

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