Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham Applauds Trump Speech: ‘Unlike Obama,’ He’s Listening to His Generals

Lindsey Graham to Trump Twitter Jabs: You’re Being Applauded by Racists, ‘Please Fix This’

Trump Launches New Fight With Lindsey Graham: ‘He Just Can’t Forget His Election Trouncing’

Lindsey Graham: Trump Should Dissuade White Supremacists of the Idea ‘That He’s Their Friend’

Lindsey Graham Out-Trumps Trump on North Korea Tough Talk: ‘If We Have to, We’ll Go to War’

Guam Governor Praises Trump For ‘Fire and Fury’ Threat: ‘I Want a President’ Like That

Mediaite Deep Dive: Hugh Hewitt Tells Never Trumpers To ‘Find the Good and Praise It’

Lindsey Graham: We’d Be ‘Dumber Than Dirt If We Don’t Try Again’ on Health Care

Fox News Regular Harlan Hill Considers Senate Run Because Of One Twitter Poll

Graham: Russia ‘Clearly Working Both Sides’ By Offering to Help Trump While Searching for Dirt

Lindsey Graham Draws Line: Firing Mueller Would Be ‘End of the Trump Presidency’

Lindsey Graham: Trump Showing ‘Weakness’ in His Attacks on Jeff Sessions

Lindsey Graham Backs Sessions, Slams Trump Tweet as ‘Highly Inappropriate’

Why Did MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt Run From Lindsey Graham As Soon As He Mentioned Hillary?

Lindsey Graham Grills Nominee for FBI Director on Don Jr. Emails

Lindsey Graham Reacts to Big Trump Jr. News: ‘That Email Is Disturbing’

Lindsey Graham Lashes Out at Trump Over Russian Interference Inaction: ‘Undercutting Our Democracy’

Lindsey Graham: Senate Colleagues Shouldn’t ‘Count on the President to Have Your Back’

Graham: Trump May ‘Go Down’ Because He Can’t Stop ‘Inappropriately Talking About’ Investigation

Lindsey Graham to Trump: Every Time You Tweet, It Hurts the People ‘Trying to Help You’

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