Tucker Carlson’s New Series on Men in America Shines Light on National Crisis: Why Are Guys Losing Sperm?


Okay everyone, hold on to your hats – Tucker Carlson is addressing the needs of Men in America every week in the month of March.

Carlson invited guest Jordan Peterson — a University of Toronto psychology professor — to give parents the advice that they should take their kids out of class if their teacher discusses gender or racial inequity because “they’re not being educated; they’re being indoctrinated.”

Thank you so much, Tucker, for this incredibly important journalism. Gee, why haven’t people been talking about this before, how fragile and uncared for men are in this country?

It’s not like we’ve spent the last literally 242 years talking about it. It’s not like the inclusion of women or people of color in the conversation about inequality and discrimination somehow isn’t meant to demonize white men. Oh, no: Other people can’t possibly have their problems and concerns at the fore without marginalizing these poor, poor dudes who never, ever got any attention from any of “our leaders,” who aren’t vast majority white men. None of that is true at all; You tell ’em, Tucker – men are in crisis!

As if that wasn’t heinous enough, men’s sperm count in this country is depleting and their testosterone levels are decreasing by one percent each year since 1987, according to Tucker. It’s an epidemic of the loss of manhood! Something must be done! And who better to do it than Tucker Carlson, who is really and truly concerned about the rich white male’s precipitous fall at the hands of people who work harder, pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and support each other as best they can?

Good luck, Tucker. You certainly are not going to need it.

Watch Carlson’s interview with Peterson below, and the opening segment above, via Fox News.

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