Vegas Shooting Survivor Still Supports Civilian Use of Assault Weapons: Gun ‘Ban’ Not Helpful

Las Vegas shooting survivor Toby Clark, who is the owner of “many” firearms, still doesn’t support any kind of legislation that would ban semiautomatic rifles such as AR-15s.

Clark, who appeared on a CBS News segment discussing gun control with gun violence victims, told reporter Bianna Golodryga that his views against changing current firearm laws has not shifted after surviving the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history:

“I’m open to ideas to fix the problems that we have. I mean nobody’s perfect — we all make mistakes. But when, you know, people just want to ban something just because someone did something wrong with it — I mean, that’s not helping the issue at all.”

The Las Vegas victim isn’t the only mass shooting survivor to espouse support for firearms, as a student who experienced the Parkland, Florida attack said the incident would’ve gone differently if a school official had access to his guns.

“If Coach Feis had had his firearm in school that day, I believe that he most likely could’ve stopped the threat,” said 17-year-old Colton Haab of the school’s football coach who died defending students on Wednesday.

Watch above, via CBS.

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