WATCH: Don Lemon’s Interview With MLK’s Nephew Turns Into Complete Trainwreck


CNN’s Don Lemon seemed to get flustered on Monday night as he ended up going around in circles during an interview with Isaac Newton Farris about President Trump‘s racist tendencies.

It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day today, and several of the civil rights icon’s relatives have weighed in on Trump’s remarks about how people from Africa come from “sh*thole countries.”

On one hand, King’s oldest son, Martin Luther King III, held multiple speaking engagements today where he said that the president’s comments were “extremely racist,” and his father would not have approved. On the other hand, Alveda King gave an interview on Fox & Friends where she insisted that Trump’s not racist because black people are benefiting from his administration.

Farris met with Trump at the White House last week, and tonight, the nephew to Dr. King argued that the president’s “sh*thole” remarks have more to do with ignorance than full-blown racial hostility. As Lemon continued to ask questions, he eventually got confused after Farris seemed to suggest that people cannot be racist without knowing they are racist.

“It seems like you’re negating your own argument because he believes it,” Lemon said. “In his ignorance, he believes what he says, and therefore, it means that’s what’s in his heart.”

Farris attributed this to misinformation on Trump’s part, though a clearly exasperated Lemon responded with “Isaac, he’s the president, he has an obligation to be informed.” Lemon eventually brought up a list of Trump’s provocative racial statements throughout his political career, asking Farris “how much more evidence do you need?”

Farris eventually brought up changing demographics in America, saying that Trump was a “genius” for tapping into the fear white Americans have talking about racial subjects. Lemon pushed back on Farris’ remarks about racial typecasting, asking Farris why he was defending Trump by making excuses for his behavior.

As the conversation continued, a fed up Lemon told Farris “you have been proving my point the entire time you have been talking.” Lemon eventually wondered aloud what Trump’s African American supporters have to gain by ignoring his behavioral patterns and saying he isn’t a racist.

“Just because the president is not aware of his racism doesn’t make him not a racist. It makes him ignorant of the fact that he is racist. To be honest, it is tough to sit here and call President of the United States a liar. It is tough to sit here and call the President of the United States a racist, but you have to do that as a journalist. And guess what? You do it because you realize the person who is in that position has less respect for the office than you do, because if he respected the office and if he respected all of America and all of American people then he would listen to the majority of black people and brown people in this country who are trying to educate him and tell him he is exhibiting racist behavior. he’s not listening. he keeps doubling down on it.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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