Watch: Nadler Gives Jewish Activist 30 Seconds at Hate Crime Hearing, Then Cuts Him Off for Calling Out Omar


During the House hearing today on hate crimes and white nationalism, most of the news ended up focusing on the attention-grabbing stunt by Republicans to bring Candace Owens in to testify, and the attention grabbing stunt by Rep. Ted Lieu to shut her down. But those weren’t the only things that happened during the hearing.

Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, also testified before the hearing. During his remarks, there was a disruption in the chamber when his testimony about anti-Semitism by the leftist group “Students for Justice in Palestine” brought groans and muttered objections from the back of the room.

After the disruption, Klein attempted to resume his remarks, and asked committee chair Rep. Jerry Nadler how much time he had remaining. Nadler said that Klein was already over his time, but Klein objected that he’d had to wait for the disruption to be settled.

Nadler then told him he could have thirty more seconds to speak.

Klein began to speak, having been given thirty seconds in which to do so. “Especially as a child of holocaust survivors, I was horrified to see Speaker Pelosi and Leader Hoyer defend Rep. Omar, after her vicious, anti-Semitic remarks—”

At that moment, Rep. Nadler gaveled him down, obviously for criticizing Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Nadler testily agreed to give Klein thirty seconds to continue, and then reneged almost immediately because he didn’t want the Jewish activist and child of Holocaust survivors to say his piece, if that piece included criticizing Democrats.

Watch the clip above. We have included the portion when Republican Rep. Andy Biggs pointed out what Chairman Nadler had done and yielded his own time to Klein to finish the remainder of his remarks. Biggs timed the cut-off at 12 seconds, but going from the time Klein began his sentence it was more like ten and a half seconds from start to gavel.

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