‘This is a F*cking Farce’: Reporters Gobsmacked By Candace Owens’ Appearance at House Hearing on White Nationalism


Candace Owens, the communications director for TPUSA, appeared before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday morning for a hearing on hate crimes and white nationalism.

Owens has had a winding road to testifying before the House about extremism. Just a few years ago, she ran an anti-Trump website that floated conspiracy theories about the size of Trump’s penis. Then she took a right turn, straight onto the set of InfoWars. Somehow, she parlayed that insanity into regular appearances on Fox News. Then she defended Hitler’s nationalism. Now she’s testifying before the House.

Her appearance was bizarre: she said it should be focused on antifa instead of white nationalism, and claimed the Southern strategy is a myth. Journalists and politicians on Twitter questioned why the conservative provocateur was invited — alongside veritable experts in hate crimes and extremism — to a hearing ostensibly held to productively address those topics.

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