WATCH: RNC Spox McEnany Asks Feminist Who Ripped Melania Rumors Why No Feminists Ripped Melania Rumors

On Fox News Thursday, RNC spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany and Fox Contributor Jehmu Greene joined host Sandra Smith to discuss the rumor-mongering over Melania Trump, and President Donald Trump‘s subsequent tweets rebuking the media.

McEnany offered commentary first, calling the press the “conspiracy-ridden media” over the wild speculation over Melania’s relative public absence after her recent surgery.

The press, in McEnany’s estimation, has been “making up stories about Melania, speculating that this could be plastic surgery or abuse or a new move to New York City out of White House.”

She added, “It is ridiculous the lies that have been told about our esteemed First Lady.”

Jehmu Greene agreed with Kayleigh. “I do agree with Kayleigh,” she said. “Melania does have the love and trust of the American people.”

She noted that because Melania is well-loved and popular, there was a component of genuine concern in people asking about her prolonged absence. But she unambiguously condemned the wild theorizing.

“The speculation that has run wild has been outrageous. It’s been disgusting,” Jehmu said. She then made a separate but entirely on point observation that bears transcription:

I do think it is important to point to.. the president has a role to play in setting the tone when it comes to conspiracy theories. And the role that he has played is to basically say ‘it’s okay to do this type of speculation, it’s okay to talk about a woman possibly having a face lift like he did with Mika Brzezinski from Morning Joe.’ So these are the things that the President and Melania should reckon with, you know, in her Be Best campaign, how to changed the tone from conspiracy theories to real conversation that’s going to move us forward.

Host Sandra Smith said she wants to “get Kayleigh to respond to that”, but then instead prompted McEnany to discuss whether the White House could have better prepared the public for Melania’s recovery time, to which McEnany briefly replied that there should be no need to explain surgery to people.

Then instead of addressing Smith’s overall “messaging” question or Greene’s salient point that Trump himself has engaged in conspiracy theories and even specifically used theoretical facelifts as a weapon, McEnany attacked … Hillary Clinton.

Where are the feminists also I want to ask. Where are the Elizabeth Warrens, where are the Hillary Clintons, the Nancy Pelosi, the so-called people who defend women defending Melania Trump? Because I haven’t seen one tweet from an elected official or from women on the left defending Melania, standing up for her and saying this is inexcusable. We need to stand together as women on this.

“Well as a feminist,” Greene replied, “I think the speculation was absolutely inexcusable.” As she said in the beginning of the segment.

Both guests have correct points.

McEnany is right that the speculation and rumor-mongering was gross and beyond the pale about Melania’s absence. Greene is right in saying that Trump uses conspiracy theories to advance his own position all the time, from Obama, to Cruz, to 9/11. And he did attack Brzezinski on her appearance and specifically a supposed facelift. But while asking where liberals were on the Melania face lift comments, Kayleigh ought to at least answer where she was when Trump did it. Or a hundred other equally insulting things he’s said or done to women.

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