Morning Joe Takes on ‘Scumbag’ Facelift Theories About Melania: ‘Repulsive, Disgraceful, Ridiculous’

On Morning Joe on Thursday, hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski talked about the appalling lack of character it takes to say someone had a facelift just to mock them or inflict pain.

“Who in the world would be so cruel, so hateful?” Scarborough asked. “Who would be so despicable, who would be so utterly lacking in character, to suggest, to — to make something up about someone having a facelift for the sole purposes of trying to damage or humiliate them?”

He wasn’t finished though. “I mean it’s nice to finally be able to agree with the president, this guy that I’ve known for over ten, eleven, twelve years, he’s in the White House, I finally — he says something I agree with,’ Joe continued. “Yes, you would have to be utterly despicable, a classless man, to say that about a woman.”

“Total scumbag,” John Heilemann agreed. “You’d have to be just grotesque.”

Not quite done yet. “You’d have to be the most repulsive, disgraceful, ridiculous, asinine person in the world,” Heilemann added.

“Just a petty, low form of human life,” added former George W. Bush White House aide Elise Jordan.

“I’m enjoying this,” said Mika, and with good reason.

They were echoing Scarborough’s tweets from Wednesday in which he referred to “lying about a loved one having a facelift” as “vicious” and “unfair” and included a link to President Trump doing that very, exact thing to Mika last year, when Trump described her as “bleeding badly from a face-lift.”

Addressing the point more directly, Heilemann referred to “the obvious hypocrisy of it, given the history to which we’re all alluding in an optically veiled way” in making the point that no one of particular note suggested a facelift anyway. He termed it “Trumpian projection”.

“There was bizarre focus on the whereabouts of Melania Trump,” Willie Geist added. “But I didn’t see any mainstream outlet suggesting she was missing because of plastic surgery.”

Geist is correct that, while perhaps not facelifts in particular, as Jake Tapper pointed out there was a lot gross speculation, including from a mainstream sources and including speculation that Trump beats his wife.

Mika, though, is also correct. “That was rich,” she said. Trump attacking anyone for using plastic surgery, or one’s appearance in general, as an insult is rich indeed.

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