‘What You’re Saying is Irresponsible!’ CNN’s Erin Burnett Gets in Bonkers Hydroxychloroquine Fight With Peter Navarro


CNN’s Erin Burnett and White House trade adviser Peter Navarro got in a wild fight over Dr. Anthony Fauci and hydroxychloroquine during their 12-minute interview Wednesday night.

It started when Burnett brought up Fauci’s comments from Wednesday morning where the infectious disease doctor said he’s been getting death threats and needs security around his house after he’s become a target during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Erin, this is just so unacceptable behavior. To me, it’s so un-American. What’s always puzzled me from the onset of this crisis is here we have are the Chinese communist virus effectively sending a virus over here — whether it was done by accident or on purpose, I don’t know — but they send it over here and kill over 150,000 Americans, cause trillions of dollars of damage. Instead of being angry at them, we’re angry at each other. I’ve never seen America—”

“Right, but you’re the one who wrote an op-ed that said Anthony Fauci has been wrong on everything we’ve talked about,” Burnett responded.

“But those are fair policy disputes,” Navarro shot back.

“How is that your lane and stimulus isn’t?” Burnett asked.

“Tony is a great guy, right?” Navarro said. “There’s just disagreements. And on things like, for example, hydroxychloroquine, he has a strong point of view. There’s as many doctors on the other side.”

“But there aren’t,” Burnett responded.

“Yeah there are, yeah there are,” Navarro continued.

“Peter, first of all, you’re an economist, not a scientist,” Burnett said as the two talked over each other.

The two began to go back-and-forth over specific studies related to hydroxychloroquine and which doctors agree with them and why. Burnett said five peer reviewed studies showed it not to be true, and Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx don’t recommend taking it, which Navarro took issue to.

“You can’t do this,” Navarro said.

“I need to do this, Peter,” Burnett responded. “What you’re saying is irresponsible.”

“Alright, let me say this to you,” Navarro said before pausing. “I reach out to all your viewers. Scott Adams — you know Scott Adams, right? He’s the guy who wrote the Dilbert cartoon. He did a beautiful 10-minute video on Twitter, and the thesis of the video is that CNN might be killing thousands because of the way they’ve treated that. So, I would just ask — I’ll let Scott Adams’ video be my defense on this.”

The video Navarro is referring to shows Adams behind a white board with a series of charts that attacks CNN for calling hydroxychloroquine “dangerous” and saying it “doesn’t work.”

“Can I just say something?” Burnett said. “I find that to be offensive because he’s a comic strip writer.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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