White House Reporters Pummel Sarah Sanders Over Trump Mockery of Ford: Is She ‘Very Compelling’ or ‘A Liar?’


White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended Donald Trump on Wednesday over his mockery of Christine Blasey Ford and her allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

After a lengthy diatribe in which Sanders bashed Senate Democrats as a “disgrace” in showing “no regard for the process, decency, or standards,” Fox News’ John Roberts asked why the president took the ridiculing tone he did, especially considering the blowback he’s gotten. Sanders mostly used the same argument Kellyanne Conway made earlier today, saying “the president was stating facts.”

“Every single word Judge Kavanaugh has said has been picked apart, every single word., second by second of his testimony has been picked apart. Yet if anybody says anything about the accusations that have been thrown against him, that is totally off-limits and outrageous. This entire process has been a disgrace and the only reason that it has been that way is that Senate Democrats circumvented the entire system and frankly they have undermined our entire judicial branch by the way that they have acted.”

This topic was a recurring subject throughout the briefing as Sanders continued to insist that Trump was simply calling Ford into question, while Democrats have been “exploiting” her. At one point, ABC’s Cecilia Vega grilled Sanders by asking “just a couple days ago the president called Blasey Ford a credible witness, very compelling, but now he is basically making her out to be a liar, so which is it?”

“This was so much more than stating the facts,” Vega noted. “This was a full scale campaign rally assault on a woman who says that she is a victim of sexual assault. What do you get out of that?”

As Sanders fielded questions about whether Trump has selective view of due process, April Ryan jumped in by pressing her about Trump’s previous comments regarding the Central Park Five and Bill Clinton. Sanders swiped at the former president for his alleged misconduct and pivoted away without answering Ryan’s question.

Watch above, via CNN.

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