Christine Blasey Ford

Jeff Flake Grilled Over Kavanaugh Vote on The View: ‘I Don’t Know’ if I Believe Christine Ford…or the Judge

Ben Sasse Grilled on The View Over Kavanaugh Vote: ‘Did You Not Believe Her Testimony?’

MSNBC Guest Defends Roy Moore, Claims Many Women are ‘Victims’ of #MeToo Movement

Megyn Kelly Defends Susan Collins From Critics: Christine Ford Could Have Mistaken Kavanaugh’s Identity

Megyn Kelly Hits Michael Avenatti: Julie Swetnick’s Claims ‘Fell Apart on National Television’

Trump Rails Against ‘Evil’ Opposition to Brett Kavanaugh: ‘A Disgraceful Situation’

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford ‘Horrified’ by President Trump’s Mocking Her on Campaign Trail

Hirono Blasts Susan Collins for Her ‘Insulting’ Doubt of Ford’s Story: ‘What is That?’

Susan Collins Doubles Down on Kavanaugh Defense: I Don’t Believe He Was Ford’s Attacker

Trump on Why He Mocked Christine Blasey Ford at Mississippi Rally: ‘I Had to Even the Playing Field’

Trump Doesn’t Think Women are Feeling Devastated by Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

Christine Blasey Ford’s Lawyer Says Her Client Has ‘No Regrets’ About Coming Forward With Kavanaugh Allegation

Nobel Prize Moves the World Forward While Trump and the GOP Move America Backwards

Feinstein Blasts Kavanaugh Ahead of Key Senate Vote: ‘Last Week, We Saw a Man Filled With Anger and Aggression’

Leland Keyser Reportedly Told FBI She Was Pressured By Dr. Ford’s Friend Monica McLean to Change Statement on Allegation

Grassley to Christine Ford’s Legal Team: Turn Over Communications With Dems, Other Kavanaugh Accusers

Joe diGenova: Democrats Are Making ‘The Cries of an Injured Child, Not Unlike Those of Ms. Ford’

Kavanaugh Addresses His ‘Sharp’ Tone at Hearing in WSJ Op-Ed: ‘I Said a Few Things I Should Not Have Said’

Mika Brzezinski to Kellyanne: If Ford is Being Treated Like a ‘Fabergé Egg’ Then Tell Your Assault Story and ‘See How Easy It Is’

Colbert Defends Christine Ford From ‘Numbnuts’ Trump: ‘Trauma Survivors Don’t Remember Every Detail’

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