President Trump Turns To Talk Radio For Tax Reform Pitch

The Trump Administration is hosting a talk radio row in the Old Executive Office Building Tuesday in a push to get grass roots support for his tax reform package.

National hosts like Hugh Hewitt and Chris Plante broadcast their programs alongside select local radio hosts like Chris Stigall (WPHT Philadelphia,) Tony Katz (WIBC Indianapolis,) and Mary Walter & Vince Coglianese (WMAL Washington DC) in a coordinated strategy by the White House communications team to bypass mainstream media and get their messaging directly to Americans in their cars on their way to work.

Talk radio has traditionally appealed to a right-leaning audience so the Trump White House clearly believes that presenting the radio row and granting access to talk show hosts for an exclusive event like this could help build grassroots support for the legislation’s chances as it makes its way through Congress.

Guests like Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Vice President Mike Pence and President Trump were all put forth for interviews on the programs. Each moving from broadcast station to broadcast station to sit with the various hosts for a segment broadcast on each of the city’s morning and mid-morning programs. There were no conditions on any of the interviews but the focus was almost entirely on the tax reform package and how it might impact the middle class.

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