Elizabeth Warren Kicks Off Debate by Torching Trump for Making Sondland Ambassador: ‘The Corruption!’


Sen. Elizabeth Warren began the fifth Democratic debate by calling out President Donald Trump’s pick Gordon Sondland as Ambassador to the E.U. and calling out her opponents for not pledging to keep large donors out of political appointments.

Warren was asked by MSNBC moderator Rachel Maddow about how she would convince Republican senators to vote to remove Trump from office like she has said she would.

“The obvious answer is to say first read the Mueller report. All 442 pages of it that showed how the president tried to obstruct justice. And when Congress failed to act that that moment, and that the president felt free to break the law again and again and again. And that’s what’s happened with Ukraine. We have to establish the principle no one is above the law,” Warren responded.

Warren then pivoted to calling out money in politics.

“But I want to add one more part based on today’s testimony and that is how did Ambassador Sondland get there. You know, this is not a man who had any qualifications except one. He wrote a check for a million dollars,” she said. “And that tells us about what’s happening in Washington, the corruption.”

“I’ve taken a pledge. Anyone who wants to give me a big donation, don’t ask to be an Ambassador because I’m not going to have that happen. I asked everyone who’s running for president to join me in that. And not a single person has so far,” Warren continued.

“I hope what we saw today during the testimony means lots of people will sign-on,” she said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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