‘You Better Funt-ing Believe It’: In Honor of Biden’s VP Pick, Here Are Maya Rudolph’s Top 5 Moments As Kamala Harris on SNL


maya rudolph as kamala harris

Saturday Night Live fans could not contain their excitement when Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) will be his running mate — focusing on the fact that it means SNL alum Maya Rudolph will return to do her Emmy-nominated impressions.

Rudolph was recording a panel discussion for Entertainment Weekly when the news broke, and immediately responded with an, “Oh, sh*t. Ruh-roh” Wanda Skyes, another panel member joked that “Somebody’s gonna be very busy now,” alluding to Rudolph’s return to the show.

“I love going to the show. Any excuse I can get, I love,” Rudolph added, further confirming her return. “I just didn’t really anticipate traveling during a pandemic, but if there’s anyone that can work it out I’m sure Lorne [Michaels] has some sort of invisible helicopter that can get me there.”

To celebrate, here are the top moments of Rudolph as Harris on SNL:

“Mama needs a GIF”

Rudolph’s Harris 2020 Democratic debate impression is certainly a fan favorite, during which joked that she wasn’t going to focus on the polling numbers, but instead was going to try to go viral.

“Mama needs a GIF,” she said before mimicking one of the hot social media trends of the moment: “Gonna tell my kids this was Michelle Obama.”

“You better funt-ing believe it”

Rudolph poked fun at Harris during SNL’s mock DNC town hall, joking that the senator was America’s “cool Aunt, a fun aunt,” adding, “I’d call that a funt.”

“Can I win the presidency? Probably not. But can I successfully seduce a much younger man? You better funt-ing believe it,” she quipped.

No one is above the law!” 

During the same segment, Rudolph played on Harris’ past as a prosecutor, directly addressing President Donald Trump to promise him “no one is above the law!”

This moment was so great, it got Harris’ attention:

“It’s pronounced Kamala, it rhymes with Pamala, it ain’t Camila Cabello, b*tch, it’s Kamala.”

Rudolph got in one last Harris impression, even after the senator left the presidential race, and dropped a quick rap instructing viewers how to pronounce her name.

“I got tired of waiting, so I walked my fine ass out the door”

Rudolph paid tribute to Grammy-winning artist Lizzo during the same segment, sipping a martini as she joked that Harris was sick of waiting for the nomination, so she walked her “fine ass out the door.”

“You coulda had a bad b*tch,” she added before walking off screen.

Watch above, via YouTube.

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