Saturday Night Live

Alec Baldwin’s Trump Returns to SNL to Face Kanye West in Oval Office: ‘Oh My God, He’s Black Me!’

SNL Cold Open Goes into the GOP Locker Room After the Kavanaugh Vote

Matt Damon Plays Raging Beer Bro Brett Kavanaugh in SNL Cold Open

Chevy Chase Rips SNL: ‘Sh*theads’ Laughing at the ‘Worst F*cking Humor in the World’

SNL’s Weekend Update Roasts Rudy Giuliani’s ‘Kings of Dementia Comedy Tour’

WATCH: Kanye West’s Nonsense Gets Everyone Killed in SNL’s A Quiet Place Parody

Robert De Niro Talks SNL Role as Mueller: I’d Like to Arrest Trump and ‘Take Him to Jail’

Kate McKinnon’s Laura Ingraham Touts Her Very Real New Sponsors on SNL’s Weekend Update

SNL Brings in Ben Stiller AND Robert De Niro for Epic Michael Cohen-Mueller Showdown

SNL Mocks Mark Zuckerberg: ‘Unlike My Facial Expression, Facebook is Going to Change’

SNL Takes on Fox News’ Outnumbered, Trump’s Baltic Presser: ‘Wish I Was Watching Roseanne’

Stephen Colbert Piles On CNN For Mistakenly Calling The Late ShowSNL‘: ‘Fake News!’

SNL Ridicules Betsy DeVos’ 60 Minutes Trainwreck: Behind the Scenes I Am ‘Much Worse’

Bill Hader’s Stefon Makes Hilarious Return to Saturday Night Live With the Hottest St. Patrick’s Day Tips

John Goodman Lampoons Rex Tillerson on SNL: ‘Trump is a Moron!’

Comedians Call Out SNL for Not Casting Openly Gay Men: ‘They’re Bigoted’

SNL Cold Open Envisions The Bachelor Starring Robert Mueller

Watch SNL’s Oscars Parody Celebrating This Year’s Worst Behavior in Entertainment: ‘The Grabbies’

‘My Mentals Are So High’: Alec Baldwin Returns to SNL Mocking Trump After POTUS Twitter Spat

Alec Baldwin Fires Back at Trump Over SNL Taunt: ‘Please Tell Your Wife to Stop Calling Me’ For Tickets

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