Saturday Night Live

Trump Threatens Saturday Night Live With Federal Investigation For Making Fun of Him

SNL Parodies Gayle King’s Explosive R. Kelly Interview: ‘Please Call Me Victim’

SNL Tackles Jussie Smollett Controversy With Shark Tank Sketch: ‘I Broke Humanity’

No Joke: Trump Urges ‘Retribution’ Against Saturday Night Live and ‘Many Other Shows’

Oh Yeah! SNL Parodies Controversial Gillette ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Ad

Pete Davidson Jokes About Louis C.K. Dying, Says Comedian Tried to Get Him Fired From SNL

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Pushes Back on Trump’s SNL Threat: ‘Do Not Mess With Our Comedy’

Trump Pegs SNL Sketches as the ‘Real Scandal’ of ‘Collusion’ That ‘Should be Tested in Courts’

Alec Baldwin’s Trump Explores a Wonderful Life Where He Was Never President in SNL Cold Open

SNL Spoofs Fox News and Laura Ingraham in Cold Open

Dan Crenshaw Makes Surprise SNL Appearance to Roast Pete Davidson, Remind ‘Americans Can Forgive One Another’

Kate McKinnon Packs It Up as Jeff Sessions in SNL Cold Open

SNL’s Kenan Thompson: Pete Davidson ‘Missed the Mark’ With Joke About Crenshaw

SNL Skewers Fox News’ Migrant Caravan Coverage in Cold Open

Alec Baldwin’s Trump Returns to SNL to Face Kanye West in Oval Office: ‘Oh My God, He’s Black Me!’

SNL Cold Open Goes into the GOP Locker Room After the Kavanaugh Vote

Matt Damon Plays Raging Beer Bro Brett Kavanaugh in SNL Cold Open

Chevy Chase Rips SNL: ‘Sh*theads’ Laughing at the ‘Worst F*cking Humor in the World’

SNL’s Weekend Update Roasts Rudy Giuliani’s ‘Kings of Dementia Comedy Tour’

WATCH: Kanye West’s Nonsense Gets Everyone Killed in SNL’s A Quiet Place Parody

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