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Bill Hader’s Stefon Makes Hilarious Return to Saturday Night Live With the Hottest St. Patrick’s Day Tips

Comedians Call Out SNL for Not Casting Openly Gay Men: ‘They’re Bigoted’

SNL Cold Open Envisions The Bachelor Starring Robert Mueller

Watch SNL’s Oscars Parody Celebrating This Year’s Worst Behavior in Entertainment: ‘The Grabbies’

‘My Mentals Are So High’: Alec Baldwin Returns to SNL Mocking Trump After POTUS Twitter Spat

Alec Baldwin Fires Back at Trump Over SNL Taunt: ‘Please Tell Your Wife to Stop Calling Me’ For Tickets

Trump Slams Alec Baldwin: ‘Dying Mediocre Career’ Saved By ‘Terrible Impersonation of Me on SNL’

Alec Baldwin is Tired of Playing Donald Trump: ‘Every Time I Do It Now, It’s Like Agony’

Chevy Chase Allegedly Tried to Run Car of Youths Off The Road, Attacked Young Man: ‘I Am Going to Ruin Your Lives!’

Bill Murray Talks Playing Steve Bannon on SNL: ‘They Had a Really Good Wig’

Watch The Patriots and Eagles Throw Down in Hilarious Throwback SNL Skit: ‘Boston’s Not Even a Real City’

Melania Trump Gets Advice From Her Fellow First Ladies on SNL

SNL Depicts Fox & Friends Giving Trump His Daily Intelligence Briefing

SNL Depicts The Uncomfortable Conversation About Aziz Ansari in This Hilarious Sketch

Watch This SNL Deodorant Ad Targeting The ‘Next’ Sexual Predator

Will Ferrell Reprises George W. Bush in SNL Cold Open: ‘I’m Suddenly Popular AF’

Scarborough on SNL Parody: ‘Would Probably Enjoy Them If We Didn’t Have Children’

Here’s Why ‘Nothing Really Matters’ in the Era of Trump

Justice Ginsburg: I’d Like to Use SNL’s ‘Gins-Burn’ Motto Against Supreme Court Colleagues

Jessica Chastain Leads SNL in Musical Tribute to Womens Marches, #MeToo

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