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Laura Ingraham Pulls Out Her Mika Impression After Hannity Plays SNL Clip Mocking Morning Joe

SNL‘s Weekend Update Briefly Addresses Matt Lauer Scandal

He’s…Running? Alec Baldwin Delivers Political Speech Before Iowa Dems (VIDEO)

Reversal of Misfortune: Did Leslie Jones’ Objectification of Houston Astros Feel Weird to Anyone Else?

SNL‘s Michael Che Destroys Trump’s ‘Emotional Breakdowns’: ‘It’s Embarrassing’

Dana Carvey Acknowledges the ‘Trump Fatigue’ Over Comedy About POTUS

Fox & Friends Slams SNL for Kellyanne Conway-Pennywise Sketch: Shows ‘Hypocrisy’

SNL Creator Lorne Michaels: We Ignored Harvey Weinstein Scandal Because He’s From New York

Not Funny? SNL Completely Avoids Harvey Weinstein Scandal

SNL‘s Weekend Update Pushes For Gun Control: ‘This Shouldn’t Be a Partisan Issue’

SNL Lampoons O.J. Simpson’s First Date Since Being Released From Prison: ‘Still Got It’

Jason Aldean Opens SNL Praising Our ‘Unbreakable’ Spirit After Vegas Shooting, Covers Tom Petty’s ‘I Won’t Back Down’

‘What the Hell?!’: Watch Larry David and Bernie Sanders Find Out They’re Actually Related

UPDATED: Bannon Was Reportedly So Concerned About Inevitable SNL Portrayal That He Reached Out to Darrell Hammond

Weekend Update Summer Edition Lampoons Conor McGregor: ‘I Can Still Do a Couple of Kicks, Yeah?’

Alec Baldwin Returns as Trump, Claiming to Be Real ‘Tragic Victim’ from Charlottesville

Tina Fey Urges America to Start ‘Sheet-Caking’ Instead of Protesting Alt-Right Rallies

‘Don Jr. and Eric Trump’ Stop By Weekend Update Summer Edition To Tout Father’s Achievements

Bill Hader as ‘The Mooch’ FaceTimes Weekend Update: ‘No Regrets Baby!’

Sean Spicer Reflects on SNL, Melissa McCarthy: Some of It Was Funny, Some Was ‘Over the Line’

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