Barbara Lynch on Doing The Impossible: ‘Well, I Have Balls’ (VIDEO)

Coincidentally, MAD3 has released this video of Boston chef Barbara Lynch’s talk about  how having “guts” drove her career, as her name’s blown up along with the debate over women in cooking. But for the prominent chef, her drive has never been so much about having “the guts” to do something: “[People tell me] ‘You’re so lucky. How do you have guts?’ Well, I have balls.”

“My whole mantra in life has been, ‘I’m not scared,'” she told the crowd. “I will talk myself out of everything, but the shittiest times in my life, the stupidest things I’ve ever done: ‘I’m not scared.’ And I would go through it, and it worked.”

Let us remind you that this is a woman from the Southie projects who never graduated from high school, spent her teenage years as a bookie, and once stole a public bus, but now is the overwhelming face of fine dining in Boston.  Guts, balls, tomato, to-mah-to. Whatever it is, she’s got it.


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