Scientists Thinks They Can Make Bones From Beer Waste; Quickly, Drink More!

Like Dr. Calliope Torres, making bones where there were once none, scientists are getting fancy with their orthopedic skills. A team of scientists in Spain has apparently found that certain byproducts of beer production are the perfect substance from which to regrow bones. According to our geeky friends at The Mary Sue (who mercifully parsed out the scientific study so we didn’t have to):

“Researchers…studied bagasse, organic beer waste made of spent grain that can be used in biofuel or as animal feed. Bagasse also has the same main chemical components as bone: phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and silica…The researchers tested bagasse’s suitability as a scaffold for regeneration by applying a porous compound of the waste to cultured bone cells.”

BEER BONES. Monks knew what was up, yo.

[The Mary Sue]

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