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WATCH: Carla Hall Has A Serious Crush On Jamie Oliver

Food Revolution-starter Jamie Oliver joined Oz Spawn on The Chew for a segment in which he raided the kitchen of a deserving mom in order to teach her and her family how to better cook with seasonal vegetables on a budget. Apparently, this caused quite the stir in the makeup room when it was revealed to co-host Carla Hall that Daphne would be taking the Fridge Raider segment with special guest Jamie. You’ll never guess who Carla has a little bit of a crushie crush on. And by “little bit,” we mean there may or may not be a question as to whether producers banned her from appearing on camera alongside Jamie because they’re afraid she’ll maul him like a teenage girl with a direct, un-security guard-encumbered line to Justin Bieber.

Check out to clip to watch Jamie Fridge Raid and Carla get left out. (She loooves him.)

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