Cat Cora To Craig Ferguson: ‘Pot Makes Me Sleepy’ (VIDEO)

Before getting into a whipped cream fight that ended in a soupy, non-CO2 charged mess (FYI: Cat Cora doesn’t do whippets, but the audience of The Late Late Show is familiar with them), our favorite first lady Iron Chef sat down with Craig Ferguson for a chat that spanned everything from her pot habits to her mile high club membership.

Impressively, Cat was the one who brought up pot, which like, minus one, late night hosts.

“When I smoked pot, it did make me peckish,” Craig mused.

“It makes me sleepy,” Cat complained.

Which set up a perfect segue into talking about their children. (Yes, yes, we all wish our parents were this cool.)

For more from Cat’s interview, including her Mile High Club status and her fond shout-out to Craig’s famed audience Lesbian Row, check out her appearance below.

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