Which Chef Was Robbed By Two Prostitutes In Cuba?

Maybe this mystery chef should have gone to Vegas, because apparently what happens in Havana makes its way onto Twitter. This morning, Sara Jenkins, the chef/owner of Porchetta and the director of the Proyecto Paladar, a 10-day Cuban-based cooking trip pairing 10 American chefs with 10 local chefs, tweeted that one of the visiting chefs found themselves in a little bit of trouble.

Eater speculates that the offending chef on the 10-day cultural exchange trip to Havana may have been one of the sous chefs from a big name restaurant (the NYT article linked above lists Annisa and Del Posto, among others), but who exactly went to Havana from these restaurants remains unclear. “It seems that some of those chefs either brought their sous chefs along with them to Havana,” muses Eater, “or sent them in their place.”

We would hate to speculate on such matters. ┬áBut we’ll encourage it anyways in the comments.

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