We Stood in Line a Total of 4 Minutes Waiting for The Pastry Which Must Not Be Named

So we heard some stuff was happening in Madison Square Park today.

We saw this camera crew filming a blank sign.

This cone was set out to keep this tree in check.

There were some Shake Shack employees acting as line-walkers, which was unusual, and asking the tourists from abroad how many concretes they’d be purchasing. The tourists looked puzzled, and said they just wanted a ‘Shroomburger. Is this where you put in the order for a ‘Shroomburger? No, ma’am, you put that order in up at the window. Most of the tourists seemed confused.

We bought this thing because it was for charity. It was super delicious. It tasted like churro ice cream, and there was a nice little swirl of butterscotch at the bottom.

It was a sunny day.

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