Breaking: Dana Cowin Leaks Hints About Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs

Dana Cowin, you Twitter-tease! This morning she announced that, with tomorrow’s release of Food and Wine’s annual Best New Chefs, she’d be giving hints as to the up-and-comers’ identities. She’s not making it very easy to infer. We’ll update this post with her hints throughout the day, as well as provide our best guesses, but be warned — Dana Cowin can be inscrutable as the Voynich Manuscript, or a riddle game with Gollum:

Our Guesses: Since Rick Moonen isn’t particularly new, we’re guessing it’s some sort of protege of his. We’d also suggest Barton Seaver, but he recently became a policy director at Harvard, so…

Our Guesses: Uhhhhhh. Edward Lee?


Our Guesses: ink. by Robb Stark Michael Voltaggio! Nailed it.

Our Guesses: Mission Chinese by Danny Bowien. That was too easy, Dana. Step your game back up.

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