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Science Proves Celebrity Chefs Are Taking Over Our Brains

Excuse us while we go bathe in some warm, bubbly validation. As we suspected when we brain-birthed The Braiser baby, food enthusiasts probably care a whole lot about the people cooking their food, talking about food, writing about food, and otherwise dictating food trends. Hence, we cooked up this cockamamie scheme to delve into the lives of celebrity chefs for a living. Turns out, Food Network Magazine just conducted a study, scientifically titled “The Food Network Magazine Influence Study,” proving us correct.

It confirmed that, for readers of Food Network Magazine, its stars possess the power to influence product purchase across every major category, every aspect of the readers’ lives, and every aspect of the marketing universe — not just foodstuffs.

For example, The Anne Hathaway Problem doesn’t exist for celebrity chefs: 71% of those surveyed find the Food Network chefs more authentic than other celebrities. And six in 10 say that they rely on chefs for advice and recommendations outside of the food realm.

As for those cringe-worthy, hot mess celeb chef endorsements we love to hate? Readers say that if they thought a Food Network chef was a fan of a specific product, 90% would check it out in stores, 89% would check it out online, and 87% would consider purchasing it. Sorry we busted your balls for hawking Hellmann’s, Tim Love. They obviously know what’s up.

And finally, all the ways in which celebrity chefs are taking over your brains:

BEAUTY: 70% of readers associate chefs with trying out new makeup or other beauty products. 77% would ask a Food Network chef for advice on beauty products. 86% want to go shopping with a Food Network chef for beauty and fashion.

So Giada de Laurentiis’ Clairol campaign was probably a good move. Although, we’d obviously want to go shopping with Marcus Samuelsson, Eddie Huang’s Bill Cosby sweaters can come too.

TRAVEL: 90% want to seek travel advice from the chefs.

Good work, Travel Channel and CNN. You can share some of our validations, too.

HOME: 90% would ask a chef for advice on home decor or home improvements.

This Old House, with Bobby Flay. Spike “The Toolman” Mendelsohn. We could pitch these all day, but thank god our house porn slideshows aren’t going to waste.

TECH: 75% would ask a Food Network chef for advice on home electronics or mobile devices.

A good measuring stick for this one is whether or not a chef is on The Twitters: on The Twitters means they probably have a good handle on this sort of thing; off The Twitters and their mobile device expertise is questionable.

FINANCE: 70% associate the chefs with saving money, and 65% would welcome their advice on financial services and products.

Oh my god, Gwyneth Paltrow, please come into our home offices and do our taxes. WE WELCOME YOUR FINANCIAL ADVICE.

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