WATCH: Hell’s Kitchen Contestant Serves Michelin-Starred Chefs A ‘Sh*t Sack’

Our hearts were set a-flutter when Annisa chef/owner and Top Chef Master Anita Lo joined two other Michelin-starred chefs on the judging panel of Hell’s Kitchen for a challenge in adapting. Cheftestants had to serve dishes to the panel incorporating ingredients that were revealed to them as they cooked.

By the final round of face-offs, the boys were ahead. But Royce did a pretty decent job of screwing up their lead by serving the judges a lobster dish with a 12-inch hair on it. On top of that, he forgot to remove a crucially unsavory part of the lobster before he served. Check out the clip below to learn all the things you should never do, should you ever have the chance to cook for Anita Lo.

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