Last Call: David Chang Doesn’t Believe In Your MSG Migraine

Science and Food: And here’s David Chang to tell you why you should shovel umami-loaded, flavor-giving MSG into your faces: “There is no scientific data to back up the negative effects of MSG. Even home cooks don’t want to use it. Most people think it is used as a shortcut, but what if you just use it to make food better?” Click here for more science.

Lucky Peach: Oysters don’t live alone by themselves in their adorable little oyster farms. In fact, there’s a whole world of funny creatures that live under the sea with them — the starfish! The slipper shell! The decorator crab! The oyster toadfish! — and they all have one thing in common: they reproduce like mad. Oh, and some of them are quite delicious.

The Huffington Post: To celebrate SXSW and the launch of its online magazine Dark Rye, Whole Foods created a portrait of Willie Nelson out of toast. Any joke we could make about a toasted Willie Nelson would be inadequate.

Tasted: On this week’s Burger Lab With Richard Blais, the Top Chef alum tackles a chorizo burger topped with a fried egg. If simply the thought of making our own chorizo didn’t exhaust us, we’d definitely take a crack at it. Alas.

New York Times: Sous vide machines will be banished from Andrew Carmellini’s new French restaurant Lafayette, because he’s just fine with not being a rock star and only being a chef.

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