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Last Call: David Chang And John Currence Tie For Potty Mouths Of The Day

Torontoist: David Chang is opening up three restaurants in Toronto, but, after a cover story speculating that he may only be in it to outshine other, less famous Toronto chefs, Chang calls “fucking bullshit” on Toronto journalists.

Eater: Stuck traveling on Memorial Day Weekend and wondering what to nosh on between BBQs? Check out Eater’s recently updated airport dining guides (which should start and end at Chicago O’Hare’s Tortas Frontera from Rick Bayless).

GrubStreet: Top Chef Master John Currence will act as the visiting chef at City Grit for a 3-day service, where he will shine a spotlight on Southern seafood and vegetables instead of the same-old Southern standards. Because, says John, “If another motherfucker puts a charcuterie plate in front of me I will punch him in the face.” Please take note.

GrubStreet: The iconic, old-timey New York City diner Prime Burger will close its doors this weekend, most likely forever. Sad times, sure. But some of us at The Braiser are from the Midwest. And some of us at The Braiser think New Yorkers should try the newly opened Steak ‘n’ Shake if they haven’t done so already. The void left by Prime Burger will at least partially be filled.

Zagat: A roundup of the craziest things some of our favorite celeb chefs have ever eaten. In other news, snakes have two penises? Oh, to be a lady snake. (What? No.)

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