Last Call: Here’s What the Burritos Mission Cantina Won’t Be Serving Look Like

First We Feast: Mission Cantina probably won’t serve burritos, but here’s a Vine video/write-up of what might have been, via a one-night-only sneak peek pop-up you would have had to follow Danny Bowien’s Twitter account very closely to find.

The Cut: Rebecca Harrington’s celebrity diets, with which we are patently obsessed, are back. Today: conquer the world like Beyonce.

Twitter: Aw, look at Jay Rayner in a silly hairnet! He can be our lunch lady any day.

New York Post: Proof that McDonald’s needs to stop sponsoring the Olympics with unlimited McDonald’s food available to athletes: Usain Bolt ate an estimated 1000 chicken nuggets during the Beijing Olympics. Usain Bolt is disqualified from running in any Olympics ever again because he is now 60% man, 40% chicken tendons.

Eater NY: Questlove’s chicken stand Hybird has expired. Maybe he can get a new gig as Usain Bolt’s exclusive fried chicken sponsor.

CBS News: Glow-in-the-dark ice cream made from synthesized jellyfish proteins now exists. Guys, we miss real food.

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