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Last Call: Andrew Zimmern Claims He’d Win A Hot Dog Eating Contest Over Bourdain, Richman

Young Hollywood: Andrew Zimmern stakes a full-throated claim to winning a hypothetical hot dog eating contest between himself, Adam Richman, and Anthony Bourdain. We’re oddly aroused.

The New Potato: In a refreshing twist, Donatella Arpaia gives future Iron Chef judges advice on sitting on the panel, instead of imparting her wisdom upon competitors. The countdown to a Next Iron Chef Judge TV show begins. The winner, we predict, will be an annoying blogger.

Eater: This trailer for pig’s blood, partridge, and duck liver macaroons at Mugaritz looks like Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto. Needless to say, we continue to love movie trailer foods.

Wall Street Journal: Go to Canada. Visit the Yukon Territory. Drink a cocktail in which a preserved human toe is dropped. The good news: you don’t have to drink the toe! Just kiss it. So, that’s way better.

Serious Eats: Harvard students sent a hamburger into space. Can we send a human toe cocktail into space? Because that’s where we want human toe cocktails to go.

Eatocracy: If there’s any good to come out of Hurricane Sandy, it’s our newly minted, thorough education on the narrow profit margins under which restaurants operate, the latest case for which is made by Anthony Bourdain. Side note: Doesn’t it feel nice to see Anthony Bourdain writing on a CNN blog?

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