Last Call: Sources Deny Paula Deen’s Husband Had an Affair

ET Online: Sources close to Paula Deen and Michael Groover say there’s no truth to the National Enquirer story about Paula confronting him regarding an alleged one-year affair with a “sexy middle-aged brunette.” And thank goodness for that.

Out Magazine: Doug Quint, Bryan Petroff, their confetti, and their magical unicorns all landed on Out Magazine’s newly released Hot 100 list. Okay, really, it was just Doug and Bryan, but the whole gang is gathered for the photo.

Grub Street: Today in hungry/thirsty/greedy people stealing insane amounts of foodstuffs, a group of meat thieves made off with over a ton of beef in England. Stay tuned for our forthcoming slideshow of grand theft bulk food/drink.

Wired: Jose Andres is working with MIT mathematicians (of course) to create tiny edible alcohol boats (obviously) that simultaneously zip across the surface of your cocktail without provocation (sure) and make your drink stronger (duh). Also, something about water lilies and origami and palate cleansers. WE DON’T KNOW, WE’RE NOT SCIENTISTS.

Bloomberg: Michelin Deutschland just awarded a very prestigious third star to very impressive Christian Juergens restaurant: Ueberfahrt. We will make absolutely not one joke about this.

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