Why Paul Qui Thinks David Chang ‘Has Gotta Get His Respect’

The ever affable Paul Qui agreed to a chat with Imbibe and Inspire for their video series, and, also ever consistent, he pivoted to showering David Chang with praise when asked if he considered Thomas Keller to be the best chef in the States. Dished Qui:

“[Keller] definitely changed the standard of cuisine in the United States…I think another guy, even though he gets bashed here and there, is David Chang’s gotta get his respect too, I think, to a certain degree. I know cooks say like, ‘Oh, he’s not a real chef or he’s not a real cook. He doesn’t really cook in the kitchen.’ But what he did do is that he pushed everybody’s envelope, and he pushed American’s cuisine more towards the world and brought the world more to New York, and I think he deserves some props for that as well.”

Plus, David Chang is an excellent actor.

As for which restaurant kitchen Paul would most love to take over if he could, the Austin native harbors a secret desire to do a guest spot at Brooklyn Fare.

“I think that setup is just so sweet,” he gushed. “You have instant gratification, seeing your guests, and you have nice equipment, nice pots and pans to work with.”

Mental note for our plot to kidnap Paul Qui and force him to cook us ramen in exchange for his release: he likes nice things. Check out his full interview below.

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