Tonight In Food TV: Todd English’s Playing With Fire Is Worth Staying In On A Friday Night

Hear us out: we, too, were skeptical about the sure-to-be Kardashian-esque E! docu-series following Todd English, Julie Elkind, Candice Kumai, Anna Boiardi, and the Koch Brothers. But — and we hate to admit this — it’s starting to get irresistibly soapy.

Todd shoots guns at parties; the Koch Brothers are like Ryan Lochte mated with The Winklevi; we’re obsessed with Candice Kumai’s real-life The New Girl act; and Julie Elkind is beautiful, terrifying, and makes us feel bad for how little we accomplished by 25. Plus, the show is from E! and so it’s very sexy and glossy. It’s perfect Friday night brain candy, provided you’re already two martinis deep. Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.

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