comScore Richard Blais Live-Vines During ING New York City Marathon

WATCH: An Insane Richard Blais Live-Vines through ING New York City Marathon

Preparing for a marathon takes months of athletic training, true determination, and a obsessive desire to keep pushing one’s physical limits. Running a marathon requires focus in the face of pain, agony, and a seemingly never-ending road.

And running while live-Vining a marathon is, well…something that Richard Blais did yesterday at The ING New York City Marathon.

Finishing with a time of 4:33:15, Blais somehow managed to take videos of himself and type on his phone to send Tweets while running 26.2 miles, which, uh, wow. That’s either an intense devotion to social media, or an intense devotion to social media. (It should be noted that Blais also holds an intense devotion to marathoning, running the New York route last year after Hurricane Sandy wiped out all of the City’s infrastructure.)





As far as we can tell, Joe Bastianich, who also ran the Marathon with a 4:00:06 finish, did not live-tweet, probably because his thumbs were burning crazy calories.



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