Richard Dawkins Declares ‘Bin Laden Has Won’ After Airport Confiscates His Honey

Evolutionary biologist, author, and prominent atheist Richard Dawkins tweeted angrily this weekend that “Bin Laden has won” after his jar of honey was confiscated at an airport.

It’s unclear at which airport Dawkins experienced the confiscation, as he made no mention of destination or location, but it is assumed he lost his honey because it was over the 100ml maximum allowed for carry-on luggage on international flights. The first tweet:

Of course, many of his followers retorted that perhaps he should have stowed the honey in check-in luggage to avoid the confiscation altogether. His response:

(FYI: “Dundridge” is the word Dawkins coined years ago to mean a “petty, bossy, bureaucratic little rule-hound.”)

Suffice it to say, his complaints stirred the honey pot (sorry), as some followers proceeded to mock him:

Boing Boing mockingly compared Dawkins to Winnie the Pooh:

And Dawkins fired back at his detractors:

He then engaged some followers directly:

[h/t Reddit]
[images via Twitter]

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