Eric Greenspan Takes Melt Master To Compton: ‘Smoke Bread, Every Day’ (VIDEO)

“Today, we’re headed to Texas. By way of COMPTON,” begins the latest episode of Melt Master, in which Eric Greenspan tackles a grilled cheese sandwich inspired by the infamous Bludso’s BBQ.

After familiarizing himself with Bludso’s triple barbecue method, he headed to the barbershop for a shave, where he entered a what was apparently a hallucinogenic “barbecue trance” in which “Compton and heaven became one.” Yeah, he came up with the idea to “smoke bread…every day,” but he also conceived cornbread mayo in this fever dream.

Check out the next episode below. (La da da da da. It’s the motherfucking cornbread mayonnaisse.) If anybody needs us, we’ll be sippin’ on ‘gnac.

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