WATCH: Josh Ozersky Grills Bad Meat, Looks Like Shirtless Sasquatch

Warning: within the first ten seconds of this;s Munchies clip, you will be exposed to Shirtless Josh Ozersky grilling bad meats from a chain supermarket. Any exposure to Shirtless Josh Ozersky grilling SPAM may result in temporarily paralysis, shallow breath, a restructuring of your internal sense of reality, and meat blindness (or, potentially, erections lasting longer than four hours, if Josh Ozersky is your dreambear).

But it wasn’t on purpose, Ozersky insists — he’d just gotten his shirt really dirty after an entire day of eating in the East Village, and he’d been splattered with crappy meat juice and lard. “I was dirty and hot,” he shrugged. “So.”

As for the down-market version of Meatopia he threw on the roof with all his “weird” friends, well: “It was going to be this ironic triumph of culinary primitivism. Instead it just sucked.”

If you stick around long enough, there’s also some money shots of him eating Actual Good Food, too, before the piles of bad meat cuts turn him into a lumbering meat Sasquatch.

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