CDC Director Says Next 60 to 90 Days Will See More Deaths Each Day Than 9/11


CDC Director Robert Redfield warned the public on Thursday that the raging Covid-19 pandemic has not yet peaked and will continue to kill more people each day over the next two to three months than the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Addressing the comments on CNN, host Anderson Cooper summed up the conflicted moment where cases, hospitalizations, and deaths from the pandemic are hitting all-time highs just as vaccines to stop it are the brink of being deployed, calling it “a sense of hope coupled with the reality of such deep loss.

“The CDC director warning today we will likely see more than 3,000 deaths per day, more than we had on 9/11, for the next two to three months. Think about that,” Cooper emphasized. “Also tonight, record number of people hospitalized battling the coronavirus right now. More than 107,000 patients. To any who are in their rooms watching tonight, we wish you strength and a quick recovery. But again, there’s at least a glimpse of how this will end. There is hope out there.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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