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Trump’s CDC Director Resigns After Getting Caught Buying Shares in Tobacco Company

CDC Schedules Briefing to Prepare For ‘Unlikely’ Nuclear War

Trump Admin Prohibiting CDC From Using Words ‘Transgender,’ ‘Fetus’ And ‘Diversity’

Thanks Obama! Uninsured Rate Drops Below 9 Percent For First Time In History

Here Are the Unusual Ways You’re Likely to Die, Based on the State You Live In

Pentagon: Oops, We Sent Live Anthrax Samples to 51 Labs by Accident

GOP Sen. to CDC Official: Are Illegal Immigrants Causing Measles Outbreak?

CDC Worker Potentially Exposed to Ebola After Lab Mistake

CDC Guard Carrying Gun While on Elevator with Obama Speaks Out

Hot Romance Novel Models Self-Quarantine After Sitting Next to Dallas Ebola Nurse

2nd Nurse with Ebola Spoke to CDC, Reportedly Not Advised Against Flying

Obama Orders More Aggressive Monitoring of Ebola Health Care Workers

CDC Will Now Tell People on Ebola Watchlist Not to Get on an Airplane

CDC Director: If NBC’s Snyderman Wasn’t Sick, She Didn’t Put Anyone at Risk

Mark Zuckerberg Announces $25M Gift to CDC to Fight Ebola

O’Reilly Goes Nuclear on ‘Propagandist’ CDC Director, Calls on Him to Resign

CDC Director Explains New Ebola Screening Protocols on CNN

CDC: Michelle Obama (And Chefs By Extension) Helped Lower Childhood Obesity Rates

Woah: Southerners Aren’t More Obese Than The Rest Of America, They’re More Honest

White House Denies Redstate Allegation That They ‘Deep-Sixed’ Abortion Stats Report

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