Dr. Fauci Responds to MSNBC Question on Maskless Trump RNC Audience: ‘Don’t Be Careless … Make Sure You Wear Your Mask’


Coronavirus task force infectious disease honcho Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked about maskless gatherings like President Donald Trump’s White House RNC speech, and he responded by urging people to take steps to prevent themselves from infecting others.

On Wednesday’s edition of MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, host Andrea Mitchell very pointedly included Trump’s speech in her question to Fauci about convincing people not to be super-spreaders.

“How are you going to persuade all of the people who think that Covid is a hoax that they should not be gathering in large groups without social distancing or face coverings, and when you see events like the Sturgis motorcycle rally, some of the July 4th gatherings, and very frankly, the Republican convention at the White House?” Mitchell asked.

Fauci told Mitchell that “We’ve got to impress upon people, I’d like to do that now, that it’s not only an individual responsibility, it’s a societal responsibility. Because if you get infected, even though you don’t get a single symptom, what you are doing innocently and inadvertently, you are propagating the outbreak.”

“Because the chances are you’re going to infect someone else, who will infect someone else, who then may infect someone who actually does have a serious consequence,” Fauci said, and went on to add that people can enjoy themselves over the Labor Day weekend without having to completely lock down, “but “don’t be careless about things, such as you know crowds, in a bar, what have you, make sure you wear your mask, make sure you wash your hands as often as you can.”

Trump’s RNC speech sparked vociferous criticism of its potential to become a “super-spreader event.”

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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